Advances in technology have made travelling easier than ever. Whether you’re a novice traveller or an experienced wanderlust, here are some apps that travellers must have:


This has to be one of our favourite travel apps. Rome2Rio is a userful app for learning how to travel from A to B, recommending different types of transport. We believe this app deserves more credit. They will literally suggest ways to travel from Rome to Rio de Janeiro!

sc rome2rio


Skyscanner is a handy app for compiling the best deals available for flights. Skyscanner also has the ability to compares flight at different times of the year. If you don’t have this app already, now is the time to download it!

sc skyscanner


If your goal is to travel cheap, you will get to save a lot by choosing Airbnb over hotels. Airbnb allows you to stay short term at someone else’s place, typically a local. You can choose to get a private room or even the entire place!

sc airbnb

Ridesharing and Taxi Apps

Ridesharing and taxi apps have made it so convenient to get a ride in almost every major urban centre. Of course, you will need an internet connection!

sc aahopin


sc aalyft


Airline Apps

Airline apps are apps that travellers must have. Downloading your airline’s app grants you access to things such as the ability to check in early, select seats and get a mobile boarding pass. Airlines that allow you to do this include Etihad Airways, Cebu Pacific, Ryanair and Delta.

sc ryanair


We are called travelngrub because we love to travel and we love to eat. If you love both, chances are you’ve heard of Yelp. If you’re finding it hard to choose a good place to eat, Yelp can help you narrow the choices down. Yelp allows users to leave reviews and restaurant recommendations, though Yelp is not just limited to restaurants. Users can also leave reviews on things such as clubs and other services.

sc yelp


We believe your cultural experience in a new country will be enhanced by learning even just the basics of a language – which is why we recommend Duolingo. Currently, Duolingo has more than ten languages for English speakers. The best part is it’s free! If your goal is to simply learn phrases, may be the way to go.

sc duolingo

Do you know of any apps that you think travellers must have? Send us suggestions!