Generally speaking, restaurants and bars in touristy areas such as Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland tend to be more expensive than those outside touristy areas. People who travel on a budget (such as me!) tend to avoid touristy areas because of the aforesaid reasons. I also find that locals tend to avoid touristy areas as well due to higher prices.

Despite being considered a ‘touristy area’, there are a few affordable restaurants in Temple Bar, Luigi Malones being one of them. I am from Dublin so I was initially surprised when I first discovered this place.

From Monday to Friday until 5 pm, Luigi Malones do a cheap lunch deal:

€10 for two courses and a drink.

+€2.50 for beer or +€3.50 for wine.

Check out their diverse lunch menu here.


Taste: 6/10

I had the chicken wings as my starter and their prawn and chicken pasta as my main. I really LOVE chicken wings and I thought Luigi Malones’ was tasty (though my friend thought that the chicken was a bit dry).

Luigi Malones used to serve Prawn and Chicken jambalaya but it has since been replaced by Prawn and Chicken pasta. It still retains that delicious Cajun-style flavour but I think this dish should still be served with rice.

prawn and chicken pasta

Cleanliness: 8/10

Luigi Malones was very clean. Need I say more?

Service: 8/10

The waiter was quite attentive and very quick.

Price: 8/10

It’s €10 for two courses in Temple Bar and just a few extra for alcoholic drinks. Lovely if you’re a broke local like me or if you are travelling on a budget!

Atmosphere: 7/10

The music wasn’t overwhelmingly loud and the place felt cosy.

Location: 8/10

Luigi Malones is located in Temple Bar within 1 – 10 min walk of all major central Dublin hotels. There are many nearby pubs as well such as Foggy Dew (one of my favourites!). Overall, the location is great!

Overall Grade: 73% (B) = Good!

If you are planning to travel to Dublin on a budget and you are looking for cheap grub for lunch, Luigi Malones is definitely worth visiting.

Have you been to Luigi Malones in Cork, Ireland? Let us know what you think!