Jet lag – the bane of many travellers’ existence. Known in medical terms as desynchronosis, jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder that occurs when a person travels across several time zones rapidly. As a result, the traveller’s biological clock is thrown into disarray.

Depending on the person, the direction of the travel and the duration of the flight, the symptoms of jet lag is known to last from as little as a day and worst case scenario, up to two weeks. Jet lag could potentially dampen your expensive trip or make post-holiday blues worse. Here’s a short guide on how to beat jet lag.


Image by Dmitriy Pichugin

Be Prepared For Long-Haul Flights

Fighting jet lag and surviving long-haul flights often come hand in hand. Gentle exercises and constant hydration are a must. Check out our guide here.

Get Used To Your Final Destination’s Time

Install world clock apps and set your watch to your final destination’s time zone to get used to the change quicker.

Stay Hydrated

As mentioned on our long-haul flights survival guide, staying hydrated is paramount as dehydration can lead to a greater feeling of fatigue.

Break Up The Trip

Suppose you can fly directly to your final destination and the total duration of the flight is 9 hours. Long-haul flights are physically and mentally draining. If possible, you can choose to stop at another city halfway in between. This is also a good opportunity to see another city or another country. Use eDreams and Skyscanner for ideas.

Eat Well

Digestive problems are often associated with jet lag. Have a well-balanced diet days before and after you hop on and hop off the plane.

Relax Before the Trip

Have a good night’s rest, get a massage from a professional, enjoy a long warm bath, do anything that destresses you! Relaxing makes a massive difference!

Arrive Early and Stay Awake On Arrival

If arriving during daytime, stay awake. Walk around and get sunlight. Resist your body’s urge to sleep! (Easier said than done!)

Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine or Alcohol

Caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages can exacerbate dehydration (though coffee in moderation can be hydrating). Stick with water and you will feel more refreshed and you will beat jet lag faster! The combination of hangover fatigue and jet lag is extremely uncomfortable.

Bon voyage! 🙂